Why FD Saiga?

The FD Saiga e-bike with cutting-edge features like an anti-theft system, GPS tracking, torque sensor, and a robust motor, it offers unparalleled security and performance. Enjoy a 90-mile range and speeds up to 28MPH, making it perfect for any journey.

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Performance Enhanced

Upgrade to FREEDARE's specialized Torque Sensor System for stable power output and terrain-adaptive assistance.

Strong Cruising Ability

Benefit from the 20Ah battery capacity and torque sensor of the FD Eden, ensuring efficient power usage during every ride. With pedal assist, enjoy effortless cruising for up to 90 miles per charge, offering worry-free exploration and enjoyment on your journeys.

GPS Anti-theft

Saiga is powered by a Qualcomm chip and 4G connectivity, ensuring precise GPS location tracking and robust anti-theft protection. Simply configure it through the Freedare App to receive mobile alerts whenever needed.

Intelligent Detection

Saiga features an intelligent inspection system that enables you to effortlessly check each electric component, swiftly identifying any issues upon the first assessment.

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