Why F1 Pro?

Choose the Elecrides Zeegr F1 Pro for its powerful 2000W dual motors, 48V 22.4AH detachable battery, and 35MPH top speed. Its 26" fat tires, full suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure a smooth, safe ride on any terrain. Enjoy advanced features like a 7-speed gear system and bright LED lights for ultimate convenience and performance.

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Dual Motor 2000W

Equipped with a robust 2000W dual-motor AWD system, this e-bike delivers exhilarating speeds of up to 35MPH, effortlessly conquering steep hills and challenging terrain.

52V 22.4AH Battery

The UL2849 Certified 48V 22.4Ah (upgraded) removable lithium battery provides an impressive riding range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, offering the convenience of easy charging.

Aluminum Suspension Fork

The front suspension on this e-bike absorbs shocks and vibrations, enhancing rider comfort and stability by smoothing out bumps and rough terrain.

Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes

Benefiting from rear hydraulic brakes, this bike delivers precise stopping power tailored for optimal rear wheel control. Meanwhile, the front hydraulic brakes ensure superior braking force, essential for swift and efficient stops.

26"4" Fat Tire

This bike features 26'' * 4.0'' fat tires with rugged tread patterns and exceptional grip, wear resistance, and anti-skid capabilities. Plus, multiple riding modes accommodate your individual preferences.

Other More Details

The frame is crafted from durable high-end aluminum 6061 alloys, ensuring longevity and robustness. The integrated intelligent LCD headlight display elevates the riding experience.

Spec & Size


2000W Brushless Motor


48V 22.4AH lithium-ion battery


6061 aluminum alloy


7 speed


Aluminum alloy suspension fork


Twist throttle


LED front & rear light


Hydraulic disc brakes


54.6V 3A; charging time:5-8 hours

Bike Size & Weight

76.0"*28.7"*44.1" (193*73*112CM), 73 lbs (33 kg)

  • F1 Pro

  • Charger

  • User Manual

  • Toolkit Box

  • Keys


What is the point of Dual Motor e-bikes?

The 2×1000W motors provide electric bikes with strong power and climbing capabilities, The Elecrides electric e-bike will take you anywhere freely whether it’s snow, beach, mountain, or city roads.

What is the point of Fat Tire e-bikes?

Fat Tire bikes are fitted with Extra-wide tires (4" inches or more). Taking the best parts of fat bikes and e-bikes has always made sense. The "fatter" tires provide extra grip, traction, and stability combined with low tire pressure, which makes them an attractive proposition for anyone looking to explore diverse terrain, better than conventional tires.

Does this E-bike have a USB port to charge a phone?

Yes, the Elecrides E-bikes Both have a USB charging port on the phone hold.

What are the advantages of the Elecrides e-bikes compared to other brands of e-bikes?

Unlike other brands of e-bikes, every accessory of the Elecrides is the leading role, handlebars, forks, saddles, pedals, etc. are all made with professionalism. We are committed to providing a professional, high-end, and safe riding experience.

Do I need to assemble my e-bike? Will it be difficult?

The Elecrides electric bike is 90% assembled. We have made a detailed assembly video, and detailed assembly steps on the attached user manual.