Are you searching for your next e-bike adventure? The VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike stands out as a sleek, powerful electric machine boasting impressive battery life, rapid acceleration, and excellent overall value. With the multitude of e-mountain bikes (e-MTBs) available, selecting the perfect one with the desired specifications and features can be daunting. This review will delve into the VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike’s features, design, pros and cons, and performance to help you decide if it meets your e-MTB needs.

VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike Overview

The VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike is a modern, robust, fat-tire e-MTB designed to offer maximum comfort, performance, and speed on roads and trails. Originating from Hong Kong, China, VELOWAVE creates innovative, practical, and affordable bikes for beginners, families, and e-bike enthusiasts alike. Since its launch, the VELOWAVE Ghost E-MTB has seen upgrades in safety and performance features, including enhanced speeds and added reflectors.

Key features of this e-bike include a SHIMANO 7-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting, a shock-absorbing hydraulic suspension fork, an ultra-comfortable saddle, and an impressive single-charge battery life.

Is the VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike for You?

The latest iteration of the VELOWAVE Ghost E-MTB comes equipped with a powerful 500W motor and seven speeds, enabling riders to tackle steep or rugged terrain with ease at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. It features a multifunctional LCD display and an adjustable 0-5 pedal assist feature, allowing customization of assistance levels. A double-lock mechanism ensures the removable battery stays safe and secure. Additionally, this e-bike is lightweight and budget-friendly compared to its competitors, making it accessible for beginners and easy to assemble with minimal steps.

However, if you require an e-MTB capable of handling aggressive drops, berms, or rough off-road cycling, this model is better suited for moderate e-mountain biking activities. For smooth performance, an effective motor, and long battery life, the Ghost could be your ideal cycling companion.

What We Like About the VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike

We appreciate that this electric mountain bike can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge before needing a recharge. Its top speed of 25 miles per hour is perfect for dirt-road biking or easy-to-moderate MTB trails. Rapid acceleration is another highlight, essential for situations requiring immediate speed. The Ghost’s battery life holds up well during longer rides. Unlike bulkier e-bikes, it has a sleek, strong design with internal cables and a concealed battery, enhancing both aesthetics and performance.

The Shimano 1x7 drivetrain allows for smooth grip-shifting, while the display offers extensive controls and options for bike customization. Comfort is vital for long or vigorous rides, and the Ghost’s saddle atop a solid frame provides just that. Moreover, the bike offers excellent value at a cost-effective price compared to more expensive brands.

What We Don’t Like About the VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike

No product is without its flaws, and the VELOWAVE Ghost is no exception. High gearing might not be enjoyable for everyone, and the 7-speed cassette with a 52-tooth chainring runs high. There is a slight delay before the pedal-assist feature engages or disengages. Some users have found the wheels or brakes misaligned and needing adjustment before use. The handlebar pitch might feel low for taller riders, although this is easily adjustable. Additionally, aggressive e-mountain biking can reduce the battery life faster than expected.

Pros and Cons


  • Svelte design with internal cables and hidden battery
  • Can cover up to 40 miles on one charge
  • Rapid acceleration capabilities
  • Smooth grip shifter
  • Accommodates diverse rider heights and weights
  • Great suspension action and adjustment
  • Removable battery
  • Easy assembly


  • High gearing
  • Slight delay in pedal-assist engagement
  • Low handlebar pitch for some
  • Reduced battery life under aggressive use
  • Brakes may need professional adjustment
  • Possible misalignment of wheels
  • Some units reported with missing small parts

What’s Included with the VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike

The VELOWAVE Ghost e-MTB, designed for adults, features an aluminum frame with front suspension, a speedometer, kickstand, disc brakes, and a removable battery. This fat-tire e-MTB arrives 85% assembled, with only the front wheel, handlebars, lights, and pedals needing attachment—a straightforward process, especially with the aid of the included manual and online assembly video.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: 500W (Peak 850W) brushless motor
  • Max range: 40+ miles
  • Max speed: 25+ mph
  • Battery: 48V 15AH LG battery
  • Drivetrain: SHIMANO 7-speed
  • Brakes: Dual disc brakes
  • Wheel size: 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Suspension: Front suspension
  • Display: Multi-functional LCD display
  • Warranty: 1 year

VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike Features

  • Pedal assist
  • Brushless motor
  • Removable lithium battery
  • 7-speeds
  • Dual disc brakes
  • 52-tooth chainring
  • Front suspension

Final Breakdown

The VELOWAVE Ghost Electric Mountain Bike scores a solid 9/10 thanks to its powerful motor, great battery life, excellent range, decent maximum speed, solid brakes, suspension, and smooth performance. It’s a cost-effective option for riders seeking a fulfilling e-MTB experience with good battery life, robust braking, and impressive suspension, ideal for off-road or trail riding.

We recommend the VELOWAVE Ghost for e-MTB enthusiasts looking for a top-notch road bike that excels on dirt roads and mountain trails at an affordable price.

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