When it comes to folding electric bikes, many models fall short due to the inherent challenges of balancing portability with the bulky components of e-bike technology. However, the Heybike Mars 2.0 Electric Bike seems to have cracked the code, delivering a compact yet powerful ride. This review dives into the details of the 2024 version of the Heybike Mars 2.0, exploring its upgrades, specifications, and performance to help you decide if it's the right e-bike for you.


Key Upgrades in the Heybike Mars 2.0

The 2024 Heybike Mars 2.0 boasts several significant upgrades over its predecessors. These include:

  • Enhanced Motor: A slightly more powerful motor for improved performance.
  • App Connectivity: New features that allow for greater control and monitoring via a mobile app.
  • Improved Folding Design: A more efficient and user-friendly folding mechanism.
  • Upgraded Rear Rack: Enhanced for better utility and durability.

Despite these improvements, the price increase is minimal, making the 2024 version a worthwhile upgrade if you're considering a Heybike Mars. However, those with an older version might not find it essential to upgrade unless they seek these specific enhancements.

Target Audience for the Heybike Mars 2.0

The Heybike Mars 2.0 is tailored for urban commuters who prioritize portability. Its quick-folding capability makes it ideal for those who need to combine biking with public transport or have limited storage space. However, it’s best suited for shorter commutes due to its range limitations. It’s not the best choice for those seeking a high-powered, long-distance e-bike or serious off-road capability.


  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Suspension: Spring fork with 65mm travel
  • Motor: 750W geared hub motor (peak power 1200W)
  • Tires: 20”x4.0” fat tires
  • Battery: 600Wh Lithium-Ion
  • Display: LED
  • Max Range: 45 miles
  • Max Speed: 28 mph
  • Pedal Assist: Levels 0-5
  • Folding Time: 15 seconds
  • Gears: Shimano 7 Speed
  • Weight: 75 lbs

Features Overview

Folding Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Heybike Mars 2.0 is its exceptional folding system. Unlike many other folding e-bikes that are cumbersome to collapse, the Mars 2.0 can be folded in just 15 seconds with minimal effort. Although it’s heavier than a non-electric folding bike at 75 lbs, it’s manageable for short carries onto public transport.


The 750W motor provides impressive power for a folding e-bike, handling most urban terrains and moderate inclines with ease. While it’s optimized for paved surfaces, the Mars 2.0 can also tackle dirt, gravel, and sandy paths, thanks to its fat tires. However, the ride can get a bit bumpy on rougher terrain due to the basic suspension.

Speed and Assist

With pedal assist levels ranging from 0 to 5 and a full-throttle mode, riders can customize their riding experience. The maximum speed of 28 mph is notable for a folding e-bike, though typical cruising speeds will be around 20 mph.

Battery and Range

The 600Wh battery, while not the largest, offers a reasonable balance between weight and capacity. Charging takes about 6 hours, which is acceptable for daily use. The stated maximum range is 45 miles, but realistic usage typically yields 20-30 miles, depending on terrain and riding style.

Display and App Connectivity

The upgraded LED display provides essential riding information like speed, distance, and battery level. The Heybike app adds functionality with fault alerts, service information, and route tracking, though it’s somewhat basic compared to more established cycling apps.


Comfort is a common challenge for folding e-bikes, and the Heybike Mars 2.0 is no exception. While it’s more comfortable than many competitors, it’s not designed for long rides. The basic suspension and less adjustable frame may cause discomfort over extended periods, but it’s adequate for short commutes.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick and easy folding mechanism
  • Good performance for urban commuting
  • Effective on various surfaces
  • Strong hill-climbing ability


  • Heavier than non-electric folding bikes
  • Limited range for longer rides
  • Maximum speed can be hard to reach consistently

Final Verdict

The Heybike Mars 2.0 Electric Bike stands out in the folding e-bike market with its powerful motor, quick folding capability, and urban-friendly design. It’s an excellent choice for commuters who need a portable and efficient ride for short distances. While it has its limitations, particularly in range and off-road comfort, it excels in its intended purpose. If portability and convenience are your top priorities, the Heybike Mars 2.0 is a compelling option.

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