The HAOQI Cheetah Pro Electric Bike is a high-performance e-bike designed for adventurers seeking a blend of power, style, and versatility. Launched with the promise of combining rugged durability with cutting-edge technology, the Cheetah Pro aims to provide an unparalleled biking experience across various terrains. HAOQI, known for its innovative electric bikes, has packed this model with impressive features and robust build quality, making it an attractive option for both seasoned riders and e-bike newcomers.

Introduction to HAOQI Cheetah Pro

The HAOQI Cheetah Pro stands out as a mid-drive full suspension e-bike, equipped with a powerful 750W motor and a 48V 22Ah Samsung dual battery system. This bike is crafted for those who crave adventure, offering an impressive range of up to 90 miles per charge. Its camouflage design is not just about aesthetics but also about blending into natural surroundings, making it a perfect companion for off-road explorers. The bike's high payload capacity of 400 lbs and versatile features cater to a wide range of riders, from daily commuters to outdoor enthusiasts.

Who is the HAOQI Cheetah Pro For?

The Cheetah Pro is ideal for riders who enjoy both urban commuting and off-road adventures. Its robust motor and long-lasting battery make it suitable for long-distance rides, while its full suspension and fat tires ensure a smooth ride on rough terrains. Whether you are a beginner looking for a reliable entry into the e-bike world or an experienced rider seeking a powerful upgrade, the Cheetah Pro offers a balanced mix of performance, comfort, and style.

Positive Aspects

Powerful Mid-Drive Motor

One of the standout features of the Cheetah Pro is its 750W mid-drive motor. This motor provides a perfect balance between the front and rear of the bike, ensuring stability and excellent vibration absorption. With a maximum torque of 160 Nm, it excels in hill climbing and rapid acceleration, making it a joy to ride on various terrains.

Long-Lasting Samsung Battery

The 48V 22Ah Samsung battery offers an estimated range of 90 miles per charge, making it one of the best in its class. The dual battery system is removable, allowing riders to extend their journeys by swapping out for a fully charged spare. This feature is particularly useful for long-distance rides and ensures you never run out of power unexpectedly.

Full Suspension System

The full suspension system, featuring an RST alloy front suspension fork and FASTACE rear suspension, absorbs shocks and vibrations effectively. This ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the bumpiest trails, reducing fatigue and enhancing control.

Hydraulic Brakes

Safety is paramount, and the Cheetah Pro does not disappoint with its hydraulic brake system. These brakes provide precise and powerful stopping power, allowing riders to confidently control their speed and stop safely in various conditions.

Intelligent LCD Display

The backlit LCD display is intuitive and provides real-time data on speed, battery life, odometer, and pedal assist levels. This feature enhances the riding experience by keeping you informed about your bike's performance and helps in planning your rides better.

Fat Tires for All-Terrain Use

The 26" x 4" fat tires offer excellent traction and stability, making the Cheetah Pro versatile across different surfaces, from paved roads to sandy beaches and muddy trails. These tires ensure that the bike can handle diverse terrains with ease, providing a confident ride.

Negative Aspects


At 83 lbs, the Cheetah Pro is relatively heavy compared to other e-bikes. This weight can make it challenging to maneuver, especially when lifting it for transportation or storage. However, this is often a trade-off for the bike's durability and robust features.

Charging Time

The charging time for the dual battery system ranges between 6 to 9 hours, which might be considered long for some users. Planning your rides around this charging time is essential to ensure you have enough power for your journeys.

Price Point

While the HAOQI Cheetah Pro offers a plethora of high-end features, it comes at a premium price. Potential buyers need to consider whether the advanced features and capabilities justify the investment compared to other e-bikes in the market.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful 750W mid-drive motor Heavy at 83 lbs
Long-lasting 48V 22Ah Samsung battery Long charging time (6-9 hours)
Full suspension for a smooth ride Premium price point
Hydraulic brakes for precise stopping
Intelligent LCD display
Fat tires for all-terrain use

What's Included in the Package

The HAOQI Cheetah Pro comes with the e-bike itself, including the dual Samsung battery system, an intelligent LCD display, a Shimano 7-speed transmission system, a 3.0A smart charger, and essential accessories like a kickstand, pedals, and a soft saddle. The inclusion of these components ensures that riders have everything they need to start their adventure right out of the box.

Technical Specifications and Features

  • Motor: 750W High-Speed Brushless Geared Motor
  • Battery: 48V 22Ah High-tech Samsung Battery
  • Frame: 26" * 18" AL6061 M Mode
  • Display: KT-LCD10H E-bike Display USB
  • Charger: US Standard 3.0A Smart Charger
  • Rear Cassette: Shimano 7 Gears
  • Pedal Assist: Intelligent 5 Level Pedal Assist
  • Tires: 26" x 4"
  • Charging Time: 6~9 Hours
  • Product Weight: 83 lbs
  • Recommended Rider Heights: 5.5" ~ 6.8"
  • Total Payload Capacity: 400 lbs


  • Brake Lever: Alu alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
  • Chain: KMC chain
  • Freewheel: Shimano 7-speed gear shift system
  • Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Stem: Promax MA-400 SSABK
  • Crank: 170mm Forged Alloy
  • Gearing: Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK
  • Front Fork: RST Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
  • Rear Suspension: FASTACE A8 / 850Bls / 185mm Length - Travel 50mm
  • Throttle: Half twist throttle
  • Pedal: Alloy pedal with reflectors
  • Bike Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame
  • Headlight: 48V LED light
  • Handlebars: Premium ergonomic
  • Saddle: Soft saddle
  • Kickstand: Heavy-duty aluminum
  • Seat Post: Diameter 30.4mm length 300mm
  • Spokes: Steel ED

Final Breakdown and Score

The HAOQI Cheetah Pro Electric Bike is a top-tier e-bike that excels in performance, durability, and versatility. Its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and full suspension system make it suitable for various terrains and long-distance rides. The bike's intelligent features and robust build ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. However, the weight and charging time may be considerations for some riders.

Overall, the HAOQI Cheetah Pro scores a solid 9 out of 10. This score reflects its excellent performance, advanced features, and the value it offers to adventure seekers and daily commuters alike. Despite its few drawbacks, the Cheetah Pro remains a highly recommended e-bike for those looking to invest in a reliable and powerful riding companion.

If you are in the market for an e-bike that combines luxury, power, and practicality, the HAOQI Cheetah Pro should be at the top of your list. Its ability to tackle various terrains with ease, coupled with its impressive range and safety features, makes it a standout choice for any e-bike enthusiast.