When it comes to e-bikes, Elecrides is a name that might not ring a bell for everyone. However, for us, they have consistently proven to be a top-notch e-bike manufacturer. Their knack for combining modern specifications with affordability makes them stand out. While Elecrides e-bikes aren't the cheapest, they certainly offer excellent value for money. In this review, we delve into the Elecrides Zeegr S1, an e-bike that might just be the powerful yet cost-effective ride you’re looking for.

Elecrides Zeegr S1: Specifications

To kick things off, let's take a quick look at the specifications of the Elecrides Zeegr S1. This overview will set the stage for a more detailed examination of its riding experience.

  • Motor: 2 x 1,000W High-Speed Brushless Motors
  • Battery: 48V, 22.4Ah Battery
  • Suspension: Full Suspension
  • Bike Frame: Aluminum 6061 Frame
  • Tires: 20x4.0 CST Fat Tires
  • Handlebar Controls
  • Pedal Assist: Levels 0-5
  • Maximum Speed: 35mph
  • Range: Up to 60 miles
  • Brakes: Front and Rear 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Gears: 7-speed Shimano Gears
  • Smart LCD Display: Shows Speed, Battery Level, Pedal Assist Settings, etc.
  • Max Payload: 330lbs

Elecrides Zeegr S1: Key Features

Ride Quality

The Elecrides Zeegr S1 is primarily designed as a commuter bike. Its ease of handling and zippy performance make it ideal for city rides. The large CST fat tires ensure a smooth ride over urban roads, and even inclines are manageable with the powerful motors. However, for steeper inclines, using both motors simultaneously is recommended for the best performance.

Although not marketed heavily as an off-road bike, the Zeegr S1 holds its own on trails. Its full suspension system, while not the highest quality, offers enough comfort to handle most bumps and rough terrain. The e-bike's powerful motors allow it to navigate tough terrains with ease, making it a versatile option for those who want a bit of adventure in their commute.

The hydraulic disc brakes on the Zeegr S1 are highly responsive, ensuring quick and safe stops. This is particularly important for navigating busy city streets where sudden stops may be necessary.

Power and Speed

Equipped with two 1,000W motors (one on the front and one on the rear), the Zeegr S1 offers significant power. Riders can choose to use both motors or just the rear one, and the bike can operate in full motor mode or with one of the five pedal assist levels. The claimed top speed is 35mph, though real-world conditions typically see speeds around 29-30mph, and approximately 20mph off-road.

The pedal assist system is well-designed, providing a good balance between manual pedaling and motor assistance. Most users will find levels 2-3 optimal for commuting. At higher levels, the pedaling becomes almost superfluous as the bike takes over.

One standout feature is the cruise control, allowing riders to maintain a steady speed without constant throttle adjustments—perfect for leisurely rides.

For hillier areas, both motors are recommended to tackle inclines efficiently, as relying solely on the rear motor might not be sufficient.

Battery Life & Range

The Zeegr S1's battery life is impressive but might fall short of the advertised 60-mile range under typical conditions. Realistically, you can expect around 40-50 miles on a single charge, with variations based on terrain, rider weight, and usage of pedal assist levels. For extended rides, carrying a spare battery is advisable.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The full suspension system adds to the ride's comfort, although it's not the best for extremely rough off-road conditions. The seat, while basic, offers enough comfort for short to medium commutes. However, for long rides, you might find it less accommodating.

The straight handlebars promote an upright riding position, enhancing overall comfort and making it ideal for commuting.

Pros and Cons


  • High speed and power
  • Dual motors for better performance
  • Effective in climbing steep inclines
  • Full suspension for added comfort
  • Suitable for both on-road and light off-road use


  • Assembly can be challenging
  • Seat comfort is limited for long rides
  • Battery range may be limited at full power

Final Thoughts – Is the Elecrides Zeegr S1 for You?

The Elecrides Zeegr S1 stands out as an excellent commuter e-bike with off-road capabilities. It offers a blend of speed, power, and comfort that’s hard to beat in its price range. While it may not be the best for long, bumpy off-road rides, it excels in urban environments and provides a fun, efficient ride.

If you’re in the market for a reliable e-bike that balances performance and affordability, the Elecrides Zeegr S1 is certainly worth considering. Despite a few drawbacks, it remains a formidable contender in the e-bike market.

We’re confident that the Elecrides Zeegr S1 will impress you just as it has impressed us. Whether for commuting or weekend adventures, it’s a solid choice that offers great value for money.

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